Fifty Shades Freed Review


The end of the trilogy. I loved it. It started off really strong and got straight into the plot. None of this slow-motion like the first book. I was really upset in the first two chapters because they were on there honeymoon and I really wanted to know what the wedding turned out like, but I like how E L James put it in as a flashback/dream! Clever thinking! It stumped me the first time but once she woke up, I realised what happened.
So the actual story line was still as intense as the first two books. You learn more about Christian and his past, more about Ana

As irritating as Ana may be, she is extremely noble and courageous (yet slightly stubborn) in this book. She has developed so much over the series and in the final installment, she is a completely new woman. She fights for her man all throughout the book. She literally fights for her man. Fists and all! Then, where someone trying to seriously hurt the both of them, she continues fighting for him, even after Christian does something really stupid when she has her big reveal.
When she does her stupid yet noble act at the end, I just wanted to hi-five her. It was so unlike the Ana we had known in the first two books but it was a good, new-improved Ana we all like.

The part that irritated me the most with Ana though, is that she still doesn’t like Christian being his controlling self. It’s almost as though she thought that by marrying him, his ‘ways’ would disappear. Dumb girl. All I wanted her to do, was listen to her man for once. There lives were in danger and she decides to defy everyone, put herself in harms way and almost give her husband a heart attack. This girl obviously had no brains in the department.

Like every other female who has read this, Christian is definitely my favourite character in the series. His charm, the way he handles himself and the situations, is just amazing! That was how I thought of him until his stupid ‘episode’. While I was reading this section, I just wanted to punch him. How could he be so stupid and selfish. I understand that it was a surprise and shock to everyone but there was no need to act like a child.
He did redeem himself in the end though, but I still think he’s stupid.

Almost every review you read about this book, everyone complains about how badly written it is and how annoying Ana is to read, but let’s face it, these “reviewers” don’t have 3 novels in the top 5 books for the last 2 years. Ok, there is amazing literature out there, but not as many people are interested in them as much anymore. People nowadays are looking for a “popcorn” book, something they can pick up and read over weekend to make themselves feel good and that is exactly what this series does.
Women read this for the thrill, the romance, the sex and most obvious Christian Grey. They are bothered with how irritating Ana is or if the plot is intense.

Overall, this book is by far the best of the series. I found it so hard to put the book down.

I would definitely recommend the series to anyone in need of a ‘popcorn’ fix. Yes, there is a lot of sex (handcuffs, whips) but that’s not what makes the books so enjoyable, well not completely. It’s the actual plot that fascinated me the most.

Now that I’ve finished, I miss Christian Grey.
(There’s news that a 4th installment is on it’s way)


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